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We are a cutting-edge workplace consulting group serving clients in the Bay Area, throughout the United States, and worldwide.

We represent a wide range of industry sectors and provide a full suite of services in project management, change management, and facilities management.


At a3 Workplace Strategies, we believe the workplace matters; it reflects an organization’s culture and brand.

When workplace strategies are executed properly, they enhance all aspects of the business.

Our Distinct Niche

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Your Roadmap to Success with Integrated Project Management

  • In-house.  Some companies believe they can save money by managing workplace development in-house. This may work for projects that aren’t large and complex. But for more substantial and complicated assignments, companies rarely have the skillsets and resources to manage projects in-house.
  • General Contractor or Architect. General contractors and architects are vital players on the workplace team but not the right people to manage the process. Often, conflicts of interests arise involving changes, costs, and overruns if you don’t have an objective third party providing oversight and a strategic perspective to protect your interests.
  • Real Estate Firms.  Traditional transaction and project management real estate firms are worth considering if you need integrated brokerage and project management (PM). If not, the PM services from real estate firms may not be their primary focus. What’s important is which consultant is the most specialized and experienced in PM.
  • PM Firms.  The preferred choice is typically independent project management firms that provide a broad perspective with objective, comprehensive project oversight from start to finish. This starts with strategic planning and includes managing all vendors, all budget items, and all phases of the assignment. Part of a3’s team is a strong construction management (CM) component. As a subset of PM, CM specialists are trained to manage the construction process, from pre-construction to close-out and move-in.




San Francisco, CA


Our Comprehensive Services

Your Roadmap to Success with Integrated Project Management, Construction Management, and Facilities Management

Strategic planning

Lease and work letter review

Budget and cash flow management

De-commission & restoration

Site selection

Change management


Workplace strategy

Space programming

Regulatory agency liaison

Team selection & vendor oversight

Relocation oversight

Development entitlement/agency liaison and prelease due diligence

Introducing Our Workplan 


Progressive and Responsive


We strive to hire the most progressive and responsive project managers in the business. Our professionals average 20-plus years of experience and have represented hundreds of clients with projects totaling many millions of square feet.

Our team formerly served as the Project Management Group for Cresa in the Bay Area.

a3 Workplace Strategies is led by Robin Weckesser, one of the industry’s leading workplace design professionals and educators.

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